Research and Development

AITIA is a Hungarian SME with the mission to engage in cutting edge research and bring novel research results to the market. We have successfully participated in several European and National level research consortia and have active collaboration with several Hungarian and international research universities.

In particular, the Intelligent Applications and Web Services Division of AITIA has a track record in intelligent applications and data analysis, wearable sensors, data mining and web application development and agent-based, complex systems simulations.

In European Commission research projects AITIA utilized its agent-based simulation toolkit (MASS) in exploring models of partners developed in the given project. Additionally, the tools were improved during the projects to enable running simulations on certain grid and cluster architectures. In certain projects AITIA was tasked with overseeing the IT development of the complex models, as well as the tools for the experiments.


Tacmon and Tacmon2: Interactive Graphical Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired

QosCosGrid: Quasi-Opportunistic Supercomputing for Complex Systems Simulations

mOSAIC: Open-Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds

DIANA: Platform for Processing Sensor Data