Liferay Inc.

Our campany is an official partner of Liferay since 2010.



For small enterprises we offer our ERP solutions in cooperation with SmartFront Ltd.



The strategic field of the company is to carry out tasks of large innovation content in ICT research and development that range from applied research through technical development to developing software products based on basic research in natural and social sciences.


Web-based Business and Organizational Processes


Video Sharing, Deep Tagging and Annotation

Comparative Mind Database project's video platform is a community platform that offers several different functions. These functions include: registration, video upload, video editing (in particular, tagging, annotation and deep tagging), timeline control, video (as well as annotation) search and video playback (in various sizes).


Family Dog Project

The Family Dog Project was established in 1994 as the first research group dedicated to investigate the evolutionary and ethological foundations of dog-human relationship. Aitia developed a dual-language portal and a questionnaire modul for the project.


PetaByte R&D Home Page

PetaByte Research is a nonprofit research organization established in 2010. They deal with complex systems, network science, large scale disaggregated modeling, integrated data management for experimental research, as well as scientometrics and social media.


All-Fitt Social Portal

A multimedia mobile communication device and product family based on wearable sensors for a healthier living. AITIA International Zrt. developed the social web portal the networking and data-mining modules.


Hadovka Office Park

Hadovka is an "A" grade Office Park in Prague, which offers great accessibility and high standards. We developed Liferay-based portal to suit the enterprise's needs.

Multi-Agent Simulations, Analysis of Complex Systems


CRISIS-Economics: Economic Crisis Analysis

CRISIS can be used to better understand decision making processes in realistic economic environments and will serve to the development of a simulation based decision-support tool to help policy-makers analyse the modelled economic simulations. It comes with on-line economic game in which players can do role playing and observe the collective outcome of their actions through the Internet.


TAXSIM: New Economic Model for Tax Evasion

The TaxSim agent-based simulation solution provides an opportunity to examine tax evasion. It is possible to model a complex social economic system, where interactions and interferences of different participants influence the whole system to a different degree.


TRAFFIX: Agent-Based Framework for Creating Traffic Simulations

Traffix is a general framework for agent-based simulation, which provides a general, flexible and highly configurable platform for simulating a wide range of traffic scenarios. From the simulations, important information can be acquired regarding the traffic handling efficiency of a given road network.

Research and Development


mOSAIC: Cloud platform and framework

mOSAIC is a middleware that bridges the gap between users with heavy computational needs and cloud service providers with ever-changing computational capacities.


TACMON: Interactive Graphical Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired

A low-cost Interactive Graphical Tactile Display capable of displaying textual and graphical information as an advanced user interface for the visually impaired.