IAWS Solutions

Some of our solutions and technologies are available free of charge. These can be accessed from the links on this page. Downloads and Services are product level solutions and technologies. Demos are preliminary or limited applications of our advanced technologies.


MEME: A tool that enables orchestrating experiments, managing results and has support for their analysis. It allows the user to run simulations in batches with various parameter settings, store, manage and analyze data thus produced.

FABLES: A programming language and its integrated environment, specially designed for creating agent-based simulations. It requires minimal programming skills, as its formalism is similar to the mathematical formalism used in publications in the subject.

PET: a web-based environment (a JEE application) developed to run multi-agent and participatory simulations.


Model Exploration Service: Our on demand solution to execute your agent-based simulations in the cloud. You can seamlessly rent computing power for computational experiments at


Text recognition: Convert the textual content of your images into text files.
• (Available soon)

Image and Video Clustering: Experiment with our Virtual Folder Technology, grouping visual content by similarity.
• (Available soon)

Text Clustering: Experiment with our Virtual Folder Technology, categorizing documents using text mining technology.
• (Available soon)