Intelligent Solutions for Everyday Use

Our division produces highly usable, robust and efficient software and hardware for Hungarian and international market. The high innovation content of our solutions fits perfectly in our decade long experience in application development and system integration. By incorporating the latest advances of technology into our products we create long lasting, effective tools. We offer unique solutions for our clients' unique needs.

We offer robust and efficient solutions in the domain of traditional content management and workflow-based tasks, as well as in building business and e-commerce systems.

We deliver high quality ERP, BPM and CRM solutions integrated into our products. Following the latest trends of our industry, our systems are available both in the framework of traditional server hosting and using the latest cloud technologies. We are an official LIFERAY partner since 2010. More »

Agent-based modeling and simulation is especially suited for studying so called complex (e. g. socio-economic) systems composed of independent decision makers. Our dedicated suite for multi-agent simulation (MASS) is used in may contries of the world. We use our decade long expertise in agent-based simulation to develop applications, provide consultancy services in fields ranging from customer relationship management, through traffic simulation, to analysis of tax avoidance. More »

We live in an "Era of Information" but acquiring and archiving information is not enough. One of the challenges of the 21st century is making sense of this information, to extract value from data. With our data and text mining technologies we help making business intelligence solutions better and offer efficient document search technolo­gies for better handling and organiz­ing content. Our leading edge image and video processing applications help finding your way in the growing world of visual information. More »